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ATN Shot-trak HD Review

For the last six weeks the team at BGH has been playing around with the Shot-trak HD gun mounted video camera thanks to Fraser from Owl Optics.
The Shot-trak HD is a high definition video camera that can be mounted onto your rifle, shotgun or bow very easily and even though it is small in size, it offers a 5x zoom as standard and takes an over the counter CR123A battery that can be purchased almost anywhere. 

The Shot-trak is made from sturdy aluminum housing designed to handle the recoil from hunting rifles and shot guns. Its standard weaver mounts makes it easily adaptable for any mounting system. The Shot-trak HD has 5 times the magnification of many action cameras; filming the aim point and surrounding area. The camera can be rotated 360 degrees (90° in each direction), allowing you to record an erect image regardless of the angle it was mounted. A simple toggle switch activates the camera, while the built-in microphone records sound. The switch turns on a small red light at the rear of the camera to let you know its running. 

On the front you have a removable cover that houses the battery and cover to protect the lens from scratching. 

Shaun and I both used the Shot-trak hunting on the West Coast and in the Wairarapa. This camera while not producing the picture quality of a go-pro, still has its place. It’s superb for self-filming kill shots. We have a lot of trouble filming kill shots by ourselves as our head mounted or gun mounted action cameras don’t feature any zoom so any animals that are more than 30m meters away might as well be 300m, as you’ll hardly see a thing. The 5x zoom offered by the Shot-trak is good for anything within 200m so it’s another way to get that money shot! Simply flick the switch and you’re away recording. The sound also works great too so when you get home you can replay on the T.V or P.C and edit to your hearts content. This camera would also be fantastic for duck shooting allowing you to capture some great footage as the ducks come screaming into your pond. 

The camera itself is very small only weighing 120grams and its solid construction means it should be able to handle a beating and continue to perform for many years. At only $249 RRP for a 5x zoom HD camera, this little beauty offers great value. To get your hands on one and start filming check out Owl Optics www.owloptics.co.nz

Check out the video below or on Youtube


Sensor 5 Megapixel CMOS

Resolution 1920 x 1080 / 30 fps (Full HD)

Video File MPEG4 (H.264) .MOV File

FOV 20°

Range of Focus 8 yards to ∞

Audio Built-in microphone

Storage Micro SD card slot, support Micro SD card (2 to 32 Gb)

Lens Brilliant Lens

Power 1 x CR123A battery

Operational Time 2 hrs – Video Record

Low Battery Indicator Yes

Water Resistant Yes

Mount Standard Weaver Mount

Dimensions 2.6” x 1.3” x 1.8”

66 x 33 x 46 mm

Weight 0.3 lb/ 120 g

Warranty Limited one yearshot trak

ATN Shot-trak HD Review
Very easy to useHas 5x zoom for shootingvery durable cheap compared to gopro etc..
Clarity is lackingEasy to loss the lens cap
7.3Overall Score
Lens Clarity6.8
Durability 8
Ease of use7