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Jet Boil “MiniMo” Review

The days of carrying a Billy, fry pan, a couple of big gas canisters and your little screw on gas cooker are seriously numbered in my opinion as smart cooking or water boiling systems are evolving very quickly and leading that charge for the last few years has been Jet Boil.

Jet Boil is an American based company that started in 2001 with a dream of making a far more efficient and compact cooking system. Even back then the designs were impressive and over the last 14 years they have refined the Jet Boil products into the pinnacle of outdoor cooking systems.IMG_1863I’ve owned my current Jet Boil “Sol Ti” for around 3 years and it’s still going strong being the second most important thing in my pack after my binoculars! Now when Sue from All Sports contacted me asking if BGH could review the new Jet Boil Minimo, I was all over it. I knew this product was going to be good, I mean Jet Boil don’t do things by halves and in my opinion their stuff is by gear the best on the market. The Minimo is a traditional Jet Boil and the main differences to the Ti are its larger diameter and new and improved gas regulator. This makes the Minimo a step up from simple water boiling to a capable fry pan, stew pot, porridge maker, etc. The Minimo is the real deal, a one stop cooking system that offers so much more than my original Jet Boil Sol Ti. I was keen to go bush and try this little beast out!

In mid-June I found myself heading north to Sika country in the Kawekas! A perfect place to test the Minimo. Over the following few days we got stuck into some winter sika hunting, experiencing all sorts of weather when a nice warm meal is more than just comfort! I used the minimo several times on the trip and I must say I was very impressed. Obviously it’s larger and heavier than older model but it offers so much more. I cooked a few meals like pasta and noodle’s with all the sauce and you wouldn’t believe it but nothing stuck to the bottom! The old regulator valve gave you maybe 1.5 full turns of control whereas the new minimo gives you 5-6 turns, which means you can turn it down to a low simmer so that sticky meals, don’t stick and burn to the bottom, it was great! Its design still allows the base, regulator and a gas canister to be packed down inside the can and it also comes with a large bowl on the bottom and a large lid. The best way you can see just how well it works is via the video, so if you’re interested in learning more check out this episode of “The Wild Things”. This minimo with the improved regulator is the business and I’ll most definitely be replacing my sol ti with one for future hunts. No more spending precious hunting time scrubbing the bottom of my pot, the minimo is here!

Volume: 32 oz (1 Liter)

Boil Time: 2 minutes 15 sec. per 16 oz (1/2 Liter)

(avg. over the life of Jetpower can)

Water Boiled: 12 Liters per 100g Jetpower can

Dimensions: 5” x 6” (127 mm x 152 mm)

*System weight excludes fuel stabiliser.

Stabiliser Weight: 0.9 oz (27 g)


Jet Boil Minimo Review
Larger pot widthCook meals inside potGreater valve control
Little larger than original
9.1Overall Score
Size packed9.3
Reader Rating 6 Votes