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With the Roar now winding down and the stags beginning to feed up before the onset of winter its a great time to be hunting. May is often over looked as a time to hunt as most maybe duck shooting or have used up there leave during the rut period. Yesterday I was joined by to great Wellington blokes, Hamish and Kerry.

Hamish was keen to knock a stag over that we hoped would be out catching up on some long over due food, and Kerry wanted some meat for the freezer. With the lads arriving around 2pm we set about unloading the utes and making a plan for the evening hunt.. The weather was warm, with clear skies but… gales north-west winds. Common in the Wairarapa so the plan was to hunt an area semi sheltered area in hope a deer or two might show itself on dark.

We checked out the first spot seeing a couple of spikers in a tricky gut with a very steep down hill angle shot we opted to leave them hoping spot X would deliver. Arriving at our chosen spot at around 4pm we began working the binos after 10 mins of so Hamish whipered “stag” sure enough 480m away a stag had jumped the sheep fence and was dinning on some prime feed.

A plan was hatched to cut him off before he feed out of site and within 20mins we were set up with the .270win resting across the day bag ready to roll. Hamish pulled off a great shot smack behind the shoulder and the stag went 40 yards before tipping up. Great start! We sorted the stag out and headed back for a few beers and some dinner.

The following morning we were up early with Kerry on the rifle he was using his new 6.5X55 a beautiful rifle that needed blooding! At first light we were in a great spot and with just enough light to see I spotted a large bodied animal (stag) across a gully heading for the cover of the pine forest. Getting the camera out confirmed a nice stag which I guessed to be a 12 point or better the footage is very graining unfortunately due to the light. I soon picked up two hinds he was harassing so a plan was made to try take on of them.

Closing the gap we were beaten.. The deer had retreated faster than we could close the gap….

Plan B.. we carried onto another gully 15 mins away and within 5 mins of glassing we had 10+ deer reds and fallow spread across a big manuka and ti-tree face. Kerry and I worked our way closer until we were 110 yards above the mob and with a great shot from Kerry behind the shoulder a nice big mature hind was on the deck, all before 8am. We sorted the old girl out loaded the D-max and headed for the hut and the call of bacon and eggs. Got to love it when a plan comes together!

If your interested in a 100% free range guided meat or stag hunt please feel free to email or phone me to arrange a trip. We can cater for all hunters whether your after a public land Southern Alps adventure or a great Private Station hunt we can help. Happy Hunting 🙂

Hamish’s stag a split second after the accubond hit homehamishAnd again..hamish3Another 15 yards and it was all over..hamish1Hamish and Kerry with Hamish’s stag 20160502_171735Great shooting from Hamish20160502_171713the D-Max can maker life a bit easier sometimes..hamish4Kerry about to line up on his meat animalkerryPerfect meat animal ready for a one way ride to Wellington20160503_092911Lots of prime venison!!20160427_163333