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Well December 1st is the day the 2016 Tahr Ballot entries can be submitted. If you’d like to hunt Tahr on the West Coast within the Wilderness areas you need a ballot block. To enter follow the links below. Please bear in mind this can be an extremely physically and mentally tough hunting trip and i’d recommend hunting somewhere like the east coast for Tahr before diving into on of these blocks as they can be very dangerous.


Dates 2016

All landing sites will be open to aerial access between 30 April and 24 June 2016. This timeframe is broken into seven day periods only, starting 30 April and ending 24 June 2016.

  • Period 1: 30 April – 6 May
  • Period 2: 7 – 13 May
  • Period 3: 14 – 20 May
  • Period 4: 21 – 27 May
  • Period 5: 28 May – 3 June
  • Period 6: 4 – 10 June
  • Period 7: 11 – 17 June
  • Period 8: 18 – 24 June

Hunting areas

25 landing sites are located throughout the Hooker/Landsborough and the Adams Wilderness Areas (see list below). No landings are permitted outside these sites.

In total there are 200 opportunities (25 sites x 8 weeks) in the ballot. No landings are permitted outside these sites.

Most areas will have one designated landing site but there is provision at several sites for alternative camp sites if snow and weather conditions allow.

Only one party will be permitted aerial access to a given site at any one time – areas with an alternative landing site do not permit another party in that area at the same time.

Link below to enter