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Late January and most guys are back at work trying to get back into the routine of normal work hours after a well earned christmas break. For 5 lads from Thames that wasn’t quite the case.. been they all work at a boat and fishing shop, time off over the christmas break is almost non-existent due to holiday makers relying on there services at that time of year. So that brings us back to late Jan and the lads were finally getting a break and heading down for a hunt and a couple of days R&R in the sunny Wairarapa!

10,000 acres of prime hunting country!swdShaun, Alan, Keenan, Dave and Dylan made it down the station by 3pm and after the usual meet and greet the we were off out the back to hopefully find a deer or 3. The weather had been pretty average leading up to this weekend but it had come right and with little to no wind and clear skies I was confident the guys would see lots of animals..

The first spot we checked out is a great gully full of small pines, thick with feed underneath and a spot deer will happy move about during the daylight hours because they feel relatively safe.. After glassing for 10 mins we spotted a couple of fallow then 2 red yearlings across the gully at about 220 yards. first up was Dave, after we messed around finding a suitable rest Dave got in behind Shaun’s 7mm08 and sent an SST on its way. It was a great shot the yearling walked 10 paces and rolled down the hill! First deer down after 30 mins hunting!

After sorting Daves deer out and carrying it out of the gully for a later pick up we were off to another spot to try find Keenan his first red. A half hour drive and 20min stalk and we were into another promising spot looking over the top I could see a nice young stag about 100 yards away happily feeding. Keenan got set up and was in position when the stag lifted his head sensing something wasn’t right! I told Keenan smack on the shoulder and squeeeeeze the trigger.. BOOM! the 7mm08 rocked again although this time the deer took off as the bullet flew over his back! Luckily he paused just before been shallowed up by the pines and Keenan had another shot this time dropping him on the spot. Deer number 2 down! After a few photos Keenan had a short sharp carry back down the hill to a spot I could get the ute to. Picking up the first deer on the way back we shot around to the chiller hung both deer up and went inside for a few beers and some well earned dinner.

Keenan and his first deerswd2Packing him out!

swd1The following morning we were up at the crack of dawn and in position to stake out a great spot down the back of the block, as it got light deer started appearing everywhere.. Alan spotted a group of stags about 200m away feeding in the morning sun so we hatched a plan that Dylan and I would stalk in close while the others watched from a distance and hopefully get Dylan his first deer.. Closing the distance Dylan and I crept over the last of our cover onto a brow only 80 yards from the stags, there were some very good looking 12s and 13s in there but we were after a management stag so after having a good look I picked out the cull stag and let Dylan know. He got himself set up and BOOM! the stag dropped on the spot! As Dylan and I headed over to check out the stag the other lads come over to lend a hand. Dylan had a short carry back to the ute and we headed back for some Bacon and Eggs before that lads packed up and headed home. It was great couple of days with a great bunch of guys.

Dylan and Dave with Dylans first red!shaun-work-doHunting work do!shaun-work-do2

If anyone one would like to come for a guided hunt in the Wairarapa please get in touch the block is 10,000 of 100% free range red and fallow deer hunting. Great for groups, father and sons or one on one hunters. Accommodation provided hot showers and plenty of deer! email info@bghnz.co.nz or phone 0272325083